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APE LABS SuperPar 18

APE LABS SuperPar 18

APE LABS SuperPar 18

Product Description


Light source: 18x 18W RGBAW+UV (Hex) Color LEDs
Beam angle: 25°
Control: DMX-512, Sound Active, Auto Program
Photometric Data: 17,790 Lux @ 1m / 4,770 Lux @ 2m

Built to CE & UL Specs
Lightweight & Ultra Bright
Large Menu & Simplified Programming
70 Stunning Pre-Set Color Macros
3-Year USA Warranty

The Prost Lighting SuperPar 18 is an extremely powerful, universal LED wash par for events, DJs, catering, and architectural applications. With a total LED output of 324 Watts, it's blindingly bright and projects a very even wash.

The SuperPar 18 was engineered and designed in Germany to UL and CE certification specs. It was built to be the brightest and most powerful par in its class. The SuperPar series lets you keep the lights on without breaking the bank. And programming for sound, auto, or DMX mode is simplified and intuitive to use.

These can be controlled thru standard DMX-512 or programmed directly on the unit to stand-alone, sound active, or auto program. The integrated RGBAW+UV LEDs offer advanced color mixing, as well as all the standard colors, pure white (6500K), amber (gold tone), and ultraviolet (black light).


18x 18W RGBAW+UV (Hex) Color LEDs
White Kelvin: 6500 K.
Beam angle: 25°
LCD Display
Stand Alone / Auto Mode Programs
Sound Active Mode
Built-in: Preset Macro Colors
PWM: 16 Bit PWM @ 5200 Hz, flicker-free
1 Dimming Curve
6 or 8 Channel DMX Mode
Plastic housing
CE, RoHs
IEC In/Out AC Plugs
3 Pin. XLR In/Out Plugs
Light Weight, High Output

Photometric Data: 17,790 Lux @ 1m / 4,770 Lux @ 2m
LUX Rating Breakdown:
All On - 17,790 Lux @ 1m / 4,650 Lux @ 2m
Red - 3,320 @1m / 870 @2m
Green - 3,940 @1m / 1,010 @2m
Blue - 4,430 @1m / 1,130 @2m
White: 4,650 @1m / 1,380 @2m
Amber: 1,810 @1m / 490 @2m
UV: 590 @1m / 150 @2m

Voltage Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
3 Pin XLR DMX in/out
IP Rating: IP 33 

IEC Power cable

SuperPar: "Super" is one of the most universal words, common to almost all spoken languages. No need for a translation. Just like the SuperPar series, it can be used and appreciated almost anywhere!

Size: 10.5 x 2.8 x 9.2in
Weight: 4.5lbs