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DIGITECH XMS MAIN SQUEEZE Compressor / Sustainer

DIGITECH XMS MAIN SQUEEZE Compressor / Sustainer


Product Description

Compressor / Sustainer

The Main Squeeze™ compressor/ sustainer pedal avoids those choppy compression release and sustain problems found on other pedals. It does this by incorporating studio-quality dbx® OverEasy™ compression technology that provides near-transparent compression, and delivers long, real-sounding sustain for your guitar. And you no longer have to grit your teeth hoping a ragged release doesn’t suddenly chop up the tail of a sustained note, or have to endure a compression that makes notes sound thin and lifeless. You even get an EQ control so you can perfectly tune your compressed sound, which is especially useful for guitar. Controls feature Level, Attack, EQ, and Sustain. Outputs feature Amp Out, Mixer Out.

dbx® compression technology

EQ optimization control

Normal & CIT™ Cabinet Modeling outputs