FBT AMICO 10 USB Processed Active Sound System: 15" + 2x(6,5"+1") - 500Wrms + 2x150Wrms

FBT AMICO 10 USB Processed Active Sound System: 15" + 2x(6,5"+1") - 500Wrms + 2x150Wrms

Item# AMICO-10-USB

Product Description

AMICO 10USB is a completely integrated, ready-wired sound system offering a convenient plug and play solution for Houses of Worship, schools, conference halls, DJ sets, sports centers and small musical groups performing live in small to medium sized venues.The mixer amplification, a 15” subwoofer and three PWM processed amplifiers are contained in a single ultra lightweight, yet extremely sturdy polypropylene enclosure. A storage compartment in the rear of the AMICO 10USB houses the two 2 – way satellite speakers, allowing the wheeled system to be transported as a one piece unit.

AMICO 10USB offers a professional mixing input channels with built-in class D power amplifiers and switch mode power supply. The system is powered by AC mains.

Analog audio processor with 24dB/oct electronic crossover network and ADAP (Advanced Dynamic Active Protection) for total protection of the components

3 Class D power amplifiers with switch mode power supplies to power the subwoofer and the two satellite speakers

Built-in mixing console with 6 x XLR mic inputs with phantom power supply, 2 x mono inputs and 4 x stereo input channels, 3-band EQ, 99 selectable digital effects with effects send and return controls

USB input/output to play back music programs/ files from a computer or to record from the master audio output of the AMICO 10USB to a computer – recording program

A quick and easy set-up: complete system setup in less than 5 minutes! Just connect the satellite speakers to the AMICO 10USB amplifier outputs using the optional Speakon

speaker cables and connect the AC power cable to an AC wall outlet

Multi-function knobs to block, unblock, and remove the cover/ lid transport handle.

Removable back panel for access to the satellite speakers’ storage compartment. The back panel protects the satellite speakers and keeps them secure when transporting the complete system.

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