FBT Evo2MaxX 9 SA Processed Compact Bass reflex Active Subwoofer - 15" - 600Wrms

FBT Evo2MaxX 9 SA Processed Compact Bass reflex Active Subwoofer - 15" - 600Wrms


Product Description

The Second generation of an International Best Seller

Evolving from the FBT EvoMaxX Series of loudspeakers, FBT Evo2MaxX speakers feature totally new Digital Sound Processing resulting in improved sound quality and SPL, especially in bass reproduction at high volume. The sound is more relaxing and natural and the four new DSP presets provide quick dynamic equalization and protection contours for any acoustically challenging venue. Other exciting features are high efficiency and excursion woofers, powerful Class D amplifiers with an extremely low noise floor.

Alongside these key performance improvements, FBT has been inspired to develop the Evo2MaxX Series by one very important goal – offering the customer more value for money. Evo2MaxX lightweight yet sturdy polypropylene cabinets feature a monitor taper designed to ensure that they perform with excellence no matter whether they are used at front of house for a main sound system, as stage floor monitors or within permanent installations.

Additional options are also available for extending low frequency response in the shape of the 15” subwoofer Evo2MaxX 9Sa or the SUBLine 12Sa, 15Sa and 18Sa, all of which boast birch plywood enclosures with 12”, 15” band-pass and 18” reflex designs respectively.

  • Sturdy, gas-injected polypropylene molded enclosures, engineered to contain undesired resonance.
  • High efficiency loudspeakers custom made for FBT with a weather resistant coating, allowing use in covered outdoor applications.
  • B&C HF compression drivers.
  • Latest Class D, 400W LF and 100W HF power amplifiers with high efficiency switch mode power supplies. These amplifiers boast an extremely lightweight design with passively cooled circuitry, meaning no noisy fans!
  • New digital signal processor with dynamic equalizations and sophisticated dynamic limiters four improve sound quality and SPL granting reliable and distortion-free audio reproduction
  • New 4 DSP presets for improved versatility and ease of use
  • Premium sound quality as results of extensive listening test
  • High SPL thanks to FBT’s new digital limiter algorithms and high power class D amplifier Ergonomic carrying handles, M10 fly points, a top-hat speaker stand socket and a stage monitor taper – all included to ensure superb versatility for live sound events and permanent installations.

    Perhaps best of all the fact that Evo2MaxX owners can enjoy four loudspeakers in one thanks to FBT’s New four factory DSP presets. The result of hundreds of hours of development time in FBT’s dedicated R&D facility, the presets optimize the Evo?MaxX range to accommodate a vast range of applications.

  • Compact bass-reflex design Subwoofer
  • 380mm (15”) high excursion woofer with 75mm (3”) voice coil, custom made for FBT
  • Frequency response from 38Hz to 120Hz
  • 600W RMS Class D power amplifier with switch mode power supply
  • Digital Signal Processor with 4 presets, 2 equalization with 2 LPF Crossover Settings
  • Control Panel with balanced Stereo combo XLR/Jack in/outs, Stereo XLR HP-filter outs, Volume, EQ Presets, Phase Reversal Switch 0°-180°, 3 status LED indicators
  • Polyetylene cabinet enclosure with internal wooden reinforcements
  • M20 (20mm) top mount speaker stand socket, two integrated carrying handles
  • Provides additional low frequency reinforcement when used along with 2 - way EVOMaxX speakers
  • Extremely lightweight, only 21.7Kg (48.4 lb)

  • Code: 37856
  • Configuration: 1 way
  • Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 600 W RMS
  • Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF: 1200 W
  • Frequency response: 40Hz - 120KHz -6dB
  • Low Frequency woofer: 1x15 - 3 coil inch
  • High Frequency driver: - inch
  • Maximum SPL cont/peak: 128 / 132 half-space dB
  • Dispersion: omnidirectional HxV
  • Input impedance: 22 Kohm
  • Crossover Frequency: present dependant KHz
  • AC Power requirements: 450 VA
  • Input connector: stereo XLR with loop, HP out
  • Power cord: 5 / 16.4 m/ft
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD): 496x648x485 - 19.5x25.5x19.1 mm/inch
  • Net Weight: 26.3 / 57.98 kg/lb
  • Transport Dimension (WxHxD): 595x760x575 - 23.4x29.9x22.6 mm/inch
  • Transport Weight: 30 / 66.13 Kg/lb

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