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LINE 6 ECHO PARK Delay Effect Compact Pedal Unit

LINE 6 ECHO PARK Delay Effect Compact Pedal Unit


Product Description

Based on the award-winning DL4™ Delay Modeler, Echo Park™ is loaded with unbelievable sounding models including Analog, Tape, and Digital Delay. Different delay patterns such as slap, ping pong, swell, and sweep can be adjusted with the twist of a knob, and the Mod dial can be tweaked for even more variations. Also features Tap Tempo and stereo ins and outs.

Model Switch - Switching this reconfigures the virtual circuitry inside Echo Park. You get three of the most desired delay sounds on the planet.

Tape - This gives you darker tone with each repeat just like a vintage tape-based echo. And you never have to change tapes!

Digital - This gives you straight up echoes, with crystal clear digital fidelity.

Analog - Designed to give you a vintage analog ?bucket brigade? delay sound, with its classic warmth and warble.

Trails Switch - Set this on to keep Echo Park?s processing engaged while in bypass, so your echoes smoothly trail away when you kick the effect off.

Mix - Turn the knob up (clockwise) for louder echoes, or down for quieter ones.

Repeat - You get 1 repeat at the minimum setting, and infinite repeats that swirl around when the knob is all the way up.

Time - This knob gives you a range of spacings for your echoes from 53 milliseconds (close together) through 2.2 seconds (way far apart). You can use Tap Tempo to reach Echo Park?s maximum time of 2.5 seconds.

Mod - Turn this knob up to get some delicious stereo modulation on your echoes. Each model has its own type of stereo modulation: Analog has Vibrato, Digital has Chorus, Tape has Wow & Flutter.

Function Control Knob

Normal - your taps are treated as quarter notes, so you hear your echoes coming back at the same speed you tapped the footswitch.

Tap eighth note triplet - This setting lets you tap quarter notes, while the echoes come back doing 8th note triplets. Sweet!

Tap dotted eighth note - You tap quarter notes, your echoes come back as dotted 8th notes.

Slap - This is the place for a speedy slap back echo. The Time knob?s range is automagically changed to be 10 to 150 milliseconds. You can Tap Tempo quarter notes, and get 16th note echoes.

Swell - This adds an auto volume swell along with your echoes. Dreamy.

Sweep - Add this sweeping filter to the feedback loop of your echoes and you?ll be glad you did!

Ducking - The volume of your echoes is ?ducked? (reduced) while you?re playing, and increases when you stop. This is handy to avoid mud-tone.

Multi 1 - Uses multiple delay ?taps? to give you a rhythmic pattern of echoes.

Multi 2 - Another multi-tap rhythmic variation.

Ping Pong - Alternating left and right taps

Reverse - Just like the backwards tape tricks on our favorite albums, this flips your input signal around and sends it back to you in reverse. Use it live, and folks are sure to be impressed.

Tap Tempo - Put your foot to work and get your echoes in the groove! Using the innovative ToneCore® double-action footswitch, you can tap a couple times and have your echoes match your tempo. Whether the effect is active or bypassed, you can tap the footswitch lightly to set delay time. Your first two taps establish the tempo and any additional taps will be averaged in.

Any time the Tap Tempo switch is used to alter the delay, the tapped value overrides the current setting of the Time knob. Whenever the Time knob is turned, it overrides the last value entered with the Tap Tempo switch. Echo Park?s indicator light flashes the tempo in green when the effect is ON and amber when the effect is OFF.


Details on Time knob ranges:

Normal = 53ms to 2235ms

8th-note triplet = 18ms to 745ms

8th-note dotted = 40ms to 1676ms

Slap = 10ms to 150ms

Details on Tap Tempo ranges:

Normal = 40ms to 2500ms

8th-note triplet = 13ms to 833ms

8th-note dotted = 30ms to 1875ms

Slap = 10ms to 625ms

Note about delay times:

All times are in Milliseconds.

1000ms = 1 second

Power Requirements

- Single 9-Volt Battery, or

- Line 6 DC-1 9-Volt DC Power Supply (buy it now)

Size & Weight:

- Width 3.375"

- Depth 5.625"

- Height 2.875"

- Weight 2lbs 4oz