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Lowell 8C10MRB

Lowell 8C10MRB

Lowell 8C10MRB
Item# 8C10MRB

Product Description


Speaker Driver #8C10MRB (8? 15W single cone)

Single cone driver for utility paging and low level background music systems that may be subjected to high humidity such as greenhouses, locker rooms, hot tub areas, outdoor restaurants and cafes, and similar venues. If used outdoors, install in an area that is protected from direct exposure to the elements.


• Driver:  8 in. 15W single cone driver with 10 oz. ceramic magnet and 1 in. copper voice coil. Cotton cloth cone treated with phenolic resin, acrylic lacquer coating.

• Frame:  20-gauge stamped steel with zinc plating.

• Mounting Depth:  2.84 in.

• Mounting Bolt Circle:  7.625 in.

• Frequency Response:  77Hz-7.5kHz (±6dB) and 50Hz-20kHz (±18.3dB)

• Dispersion Angle:  90 degrees conical

• Average Sensitivity:  96.7 dB


• Made in U.S.A. with global components

• Meets or exceed all applicable EIA standards.


The moisture-resistant 8 inch single cone driver shall be Lowell Model No. 8C10MRB. It shall be the permanent magnet type with a cotton cloth cone treated with phenolic resin and coated with acrylic lacquer for moisture resistant performance. It shall be capable of producing a uniform audible frequency response over the range of 77Hz–7.5kHz (±6dB) and 50Hz–20kHz (±18.3dB) with dispersion angle of 90 degrees conical @2000Hz (-6dB). Average sensitivity shall measure 96.7dB (SPL at 1W/1M). Rated power capacity shall be 15 watts RMS. The voice coil shall have a diameter of 1" and operate in a magnetic field derived from a strontium ferrite (ceramic) magnet having a nominal weight of 10 oz.Voice coil impedance shall be 8ohms. The frame shall be stamped 20-gauge steel with overall diameter of 8.062 in. and eight obround holes equally spaced at 45 degrees on a 7.625 in. diameter mounting bolt circle. Overall depth shall not exceed 2.84 in. External metal parts shall be zinc-plated to resist rust and corrosion.