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Lowell BME87

Lowell BME87

Lowell BME87
Item# BME87

Product Description


Backbox #BME87 (blind mount)

The BME87 kit includes a backbox and mounting ring that creates a blind-mount enclosure to be installed from beneath a drywall or plaster ceiling, when above-ceiling access is not available.


• Material:   Welded unitized heavy gauge steel

• Finish:  Black

• Diameter:  10.06 in.

• Depth:  6.69 in.

• Volume:   0.308 cu.ft.

• Acoustical Treatment:  Foam pad

• Mounting & Installation Aids:  Knockouts, U-clips, torsion receptacles, ring with breakaway tab

• For Grille Type:  Screw-mount or torsion


• Made in U.S.A.

• Certified U.S. steel


The blind-mount enclosure shall be Lowell Model No. BME87, which shall be 22-gauge steel with foam pad to reduce acoustic and mechanical resonance. The enclosure shall measure 10.06 in. dia. x 6.69 in. deep. It shall feature four 1?2–3?4 in. combination knockouts for conduit, four 1?2 in. knockouts for wires. The separate mounting ring shall be of flexible plastic construction with a break- away groove that allows the ring to install in a 12.125 in. dia. opening. The ring shall have a 13.812 in. dia. and thickness of 0.375 in. It shall be equipped with 8-32 tinnerman clips.