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Lowell DX104-T

Lowell DX104-T

Lowell DX104-T
Item# DX104-T

Product Description


Backbox #DX104-T


Enclosure for recessed installation is acoustically engineered for professional applications where the highest quality sound reproduction and fidelity must be attained. The acoustically treated large volume design allows a 4 in. driver to operate at optimum loading level and to achieve improved low frequency response with rich, full bass.



• Material:  Welded 22-gauge steel

• Finish:  Black

• Diameter:  10.00 in.

• Depth:  6.75 in.

• Volume:   0.307 cu.ft.

• Acoustical Treatment:  Undercoated, 1.5 in. batting

• Mounting & Installation Aids:  Knockouts, straps

• Flange Type:  Extended lip

• For Grille Type:  Torsion


• UL Listed only when used with Lowell assembly WB4T-4A30-T870

• Made in the U.S.A.

• Certified U.S. steel



The recessed backbox for use with a 4 in. speaker shall be acoustically treated Lowell Model No. DX104-T. Backbox shall be fabricated of welded 22-gauge steel undercoated to eliminate acoustic/metallic resonance. It shall be lined with 1.5 in. thick batting with a density rating of 1.5 lbs. to neutralize undesirable resonance in the high frequency range. It shall have four combination 1/2–3/4 in. knockouts on sides and two flexible mounting straps at 180-degree intervals. The enclosure shall include receptacles to mount a torsion grille