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Lowell FW4-7T

Lowell FW4-7T

Lowell FW4-7T
Item# FW4-7T

Product Description


FW Series: Whisper Fan Panels


Rack mount fan panels with whisper quiet fans ship ready to install in 19 in. equipment racks.



  • Panel: 16-gauge steel, black finish
  • Fan Diameter: 4.7 inch
  • Fan Quantity: 2-4 fans (model numbers in chart below)
  • Noise Rating: 28 dBA per fan
  • Total Airflow: 50 cfm per fan
  • Guards
  • Choose standard cord or thermo-cord with built-in thermostat to control fan operation


  • The thermal management panel for E.I.A. rackmount installation shall be Lowell Model No. ______, which shall be 16 gauge U.S. steel finished in black powder epoxy paint. It shall measure ____ rack units x 19”W and include ____ whisper fans with guards. Each fan shall have a 4.7" diameter with 50 cfm airflow and 28 dBA noise rating.
  • Models with Standard Cord: The panel shall include a standard 6 ft. cord.
  • Models with Thermo Cord: The panel shall feature a green thermo cord which shall have an integral thermostat to automatically control fan activation, turning them on when ambient temperature reaches 86 degrees F and off when temperature reaches 72 degrees F.