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Lowell FW-8

Lowell FW-8

Lowell FW-8
Item# FW-8

Product Description


FW-8: Square Speaker Grille


FW-8 square speaker grille with beveled edge and sub-plate is engineered to direct-mount to a backbox with screws (provided), allowing heavier 8 inch driver assemblies to be supported by a backbox.



  • Style: Screw-mount
  • Material: 18-gauge one-piece perforated steel, 21-gauge steel subplate
  • Finish: White grille with beveled edges, black subplate
  • Size: 13.00 in. square
  • Mounting Projection: 0.313 in.
  • Mounting Provisions: 4 screws (white), subplate with 4 screws


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Certified U.S. steel


  • The square speaker grille for 8 in. drivers shall be Lowell Model FW-8, which shall be 18-gauge steel with perforated center and beveled frame. It shall be 13 in. square with a mounting projection of 0.313 in. The grille shall include a 21-gauge steel subplate and mounting hardware with provisions for mounting an 8 in. speaker and for mounting the speaker/adapter assembly to specified backbox. The subplate shall be finished in black powder epoxy. The non-loadbearing grille shall be finished in white powder epoxy and shall mount to the specified backbox using four 8-32 x 0.375 in. white screws.