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Lowell IMC12Q-TS100-2W

Lowell IMC12Q-TS100-2W

Lowell IMC12Q-TS100-2W
Item# IMC12Q-TS100-2W

Product Description


IMC12Q-TS100-2W: 12 in. 250W Speaker (2 cf)


Ready-to-install high performance 250W flown cylindrical speaker for suspended installations features a 12 in. driver, 2 cu.ft. acoustic enclosure and grille. It's ideal for high energy, high ceiling applications like clubs and bars, sporting facilities, concourses, hotel ballrooms, transportation terminals, convention centers and exhibit halls.



  • Driver (12Q250):  12 in. 250W (8 ohm) driver features a robust motor structure with 77oz. magnet and 4 inch edge-wound aluminum voice coil. The 5.3 in. mylar dome tweeter features a 42oz. magnet and 1.75 in. voice coil for an exceptional combination of power handling and efficiency. A built-in crossover network with a fourth order high-pass and fourth order low-pass filter accomplishes proper frequency division between the two drivers. Driver frame is cast aluminum with black corrosion-resistant finish. The driver is mounted in the enclosure with terminations accessible through a top-mounted cover plate.
  • Transformer (TLS-10070):  Includes 70V 100W transformer for superior music fidelity in 70V distributed applications. The 20/20 AudioVisionTM transformer offers true 20Hz-20kHz performance. A screwdriver-adjustable tap selector switch is accessible through an opening in the grille. Note: Lowell 20/20 AudioVision™ transformers have full frequency response and high power handling which allows the speaker to operate at full potential while providing a stable load to the amplifier. The transformer allows a distributed speaker system to sound imperceptibly the same as a transformer-less direct-to-voice-coil system but with easier wiring, reduced labor and less expense.
  • Grille:  Round perforated steel grille with white powder epoxy finish
  • Enclosure: 2 cu.ft. precision-formed steel cylindrical enclosure (21 in. x 15.125 in. diameter) features 1-1/2 in. thick premium acoustic lining and forged 1/4 in.–20 eyebolts screwed into mounting nuts for secure suspended installation (using flyware by others). Externally accessible connections are terminated through a 4 in. x 4 in. flush cover plate. White powder epoxy finish. Note: A 3 cu.ft. cylindrical enclosure is available by special order if needed for architectural considerations. Call for model number and pricing.


  • Certified U.S. steel (grille, enclosure)
  • Made in U.S.A. with global components


  • The 250W flown cylindrical speaker for suspended installation shall be Lowell iMount® Model IMC12Q- TS100-2W which shall feature a 12 in. 250W (8 ohm) driver mounted in a white cylindrical steel acoustic enclosure (21 in. x 15.125. in. diameter.; 2.0 cu.ft. volume) with 1-1/2 inch thick acoustic lining, forged 1/4 inch-20 eyebolts screwed into mounting nuts for suspended installation using flyware by others. It shall include a perforated steel architectural grille with white finish. System frequency response shall be 77Hz– 17.2kHz (±6dB) and 45Hz–20kHZ (±10.2dB) with average sensitivity of 99.4dB @1W/1M. Dispersion shall be 95 degrees conical @2kHz octave measured 6dB down. The system shall have a driver with 77oz. magnet and 4 inch edge-wound aluminum voice coil; and a 5.3 in. mylar dome tweeter with 42oz. magnet and 1.75 in. voice coil. The speaker shall include a wired 70V 100W transformer with screwdriver-adjustable tap selections accessible through the grille.