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Lowell KOP-B

Lowell KOP-B

Lowell KOP-B
Item# KOP-B

Product Description


KOP-B Series: Knockout Panel w/Blower-fans


Steel panel with dual blower fans is made to replace a rear knockout panel in select Lowell racks. Air is pulled in from top/bottom fans, then blown out through front vents. Includes power supply. Optional thermostat probe controls fan operation.



  • Steel panel w/black powder epoxy finish and dual blower fans (overall 9.625"W x 2.75"H x 4.5"D)
  • Replaces rear knockout panel in Lowell rack series: LER, LFR, LHR, LGR, LGNR, LGVR, LSGR, LSER, LPPR, LPR, LWR.
  • Two blower fans are positioned above one another to pull air from above/below them.
  • Includes power supply (12VDC, 460mA power required)
  • Optional thermostat probe controls fan operation (Model KOP-BT only)


  • The rack shall include a knockout panel with blower fans, Lowell panel no. ______ (KOP-B, KOP-BT). Overall measurements shall be 9.625"W x 2.75"H x 4.5"D. Dual blower fans shall have 45cfm total airflow rating and 29dB total noise rating. The panel have a black finish and include a power supply.
  • Model KOP-BT (only): The panel shall also include a thermostat probe to monitor ambient temperature and activate blower fans when temperature reaches 86F, and deactivate them when temperature reaches 72F.