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Lowell LRD-35FV

Lowell LRD-35FV

Lowell LRD-35FV
Item# LRD-35FV

Product Description


LRD-FV Series: Rear Door (fully-vented, 23?W racks)

Fully-vented rear door for 23"W racks (LER and LGR Series and other specified racks). Typically, the rack is ordered less the standard rear door (-LRD), and the fully-vented door is ordered separately. Mounts left or right.


  • 19.88 in. wide x 0.69 in. deep
  • Integral recessed handle
  • Key lock (different than front door lock)
  • Mounts left or right with spring-loaded hinge pins
  • Black wrinkle powder epoxy finish
  • For racks 35U through 44U (21U also available in limited quantities)


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Certified U.S. steel


  • The rear door shall be Lowell Model LRD-_____. The door shall be 16-gauge steel and shall be fully-vented. It shall mount left or right using spring-loaded hinge pins and shall include a recessed handle and keyed lock. The door shall have a black wrinkle powder epoxy finish.