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Lowell LT-810-SM810-VL

Lowell LT-810-SM810-VL

Lowell LT-810-SM810-VL
Item# LT-810-SM810-VL

Product Description


LT-810-SM810-VL: Music/Paging & Sound Masking Speaker

Quick-install music-paging-sm speaker for suspended tile ceilings features a paging driver that fires down for clear voice transmission and a masking driver that fires up to shape background sound levels for improved privacy and productivity. Patented T-bar supports neighboring ceiling tile (non-tegular).


  • Music, paging and sound masking


  • Drivers (810): Two 8 in. 15W dual-cone drivers
  • Transformers: Two transformers with 70V leads available. Taps at .25, .5, 1, 2, 4W. Two rotary knobs for tap selection.
  • Enclosure: Partitioned to provide 700 cu.in. volume for each driver. Acoustic lining.
  • Grille with Subplate: 1 ft. x 2 ft. subplate and steel grille with fine-perforation pattern and white finish provides maximum free-air space for excellent sound transmission.
  • Mounting Aids: Patented T-bar supports neighboring non-tegular ceiling tile. T-bar has a restraint tab in one corner and a hole on the opposite corner for (two-cable) tie-off or code compliance (cable not included).
  • Volume Control: 50 ohm potentiometer shaft-adjust VC for masking driver only.


  • Made in the U.S.A. with global components.
  • UL 1480A Listed
  • UL 2043 Suitable for use in return air plenum space
  • CSA 22.2 No. 205-12 for use in Canada


  • The music-paging-sound masking speaker for installation in a suspended tile ceiling shall be Lowell Model No. LT-810- SM810-VL, which shall be a 1’x 2’ system to replace half of a non-tegular 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile or 1/4 of a non-tegular 2’ x 4’ ceiling tile. The assembly shall include an integral T-Bar to support adjacent ceiling tile, black steel backbox with acoustic lining, two factory-mounted 8” 15W dual-cone drivers (one fires up, one fires down), two 70V transformers, a subplate with fine perforation white grille, and a 50 ohm potentiometer for fine volume adjustment of the masking driver. The T-bar shall have a restraint tab in one corner and a hole on the opposite corner for (two-cable) tie-off for code com- pliance. Assembly dimensions shall be 23.75”L x 12.92”W x 6.45”H.