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Lowell RCCD-4628

Lowell RCCD-4628

Lowell RCCD-4628
Item# RCCD-4628

Product Description


RCCD-4628: Remote Cabinet w/Deep-door 4U+6U x 28?H

Wall-mount cabinet maximizes rack space with dual bays — 4U upper bay with pivoting rails, 6U lower bay with adjustable rails. Upper bay can be reached without opening main compartment 


  • UPPER BAY Rack Space (horizontal-mount):  4U x 4.97"D usable
  • LOWER BAY Rack Space (vertical-mount): 6U x  21"D usable
  • OVERALL Measurements: 25.5”W x 28”H x 11.187”D


  • 16-gauge steel construction with rear cutouts to fit over wall obstructions and aid cable management.
  • 11-gauge rails in the 4U top section accommodate (horizontally-mounted) panel, such as a shallow patch panel. Rails, tapped 10-32, pivot down for access.
  • 11-gauge rails in the 6U bottom section vertically-mount 19” equipment. Rails, tapped 10-32, can be adjusted (vertically) to accommodate equipment up to 21”D.
  • Deep door features beveled edges, vents, and sloped top with hinge for quick access to top section without opening main compartment. Key lock.
  • Knockouts in top, base, side
  • Multiple bridge lances
  • Vents in base accommodate (optional) single fan kits
  • Includes electrical box in base
  • Side key lock
  • Network Grey powder epoxy finish
  • Load Capacity:  150 lbs.


  • EIA/TIA compliant
  • Certified U.S. steel
  • Made in Missouri, U.S.A.


  • The wall-mount cabinet shall be Lowell Model RCCD-4628 with overall measurements of 25.5"W x 28.55"H x 11.187"D (with door), and two mounting bays within. The 4U upper bay shall have rails to mount an accessory panel horizontally and shall pivot down for access. The 6U lower bay shall have adjustable rails to mount 19" equipment vertically (up to 21"D). All rails shall be 11-ga. steel with black finish, and have 10-32 threaded holes (for use with included screws), plus square holes (for use with alternate hardware —12-24 or 6mm screws, not included). The deep front door shall have a sloped top, beveled edges and vents. The cabinet shall have two access points with key locks—the top of the door shall flip down to access equipment in the upper bay without opening the main compartment, the door shall also open from the side for full access to cabinet interior. The cabinet shall include knockouts and bridge lances for cable management, and an electrical box in the base. The cabinet shall be made in the U.S.A. with certified U.S. steel and have a Network Grey powder epoxy finish. Load capacity shall be 150 lbs.