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Lowell TSM-ISO

Lowell TSM-ISO

Lowell TSM-ISO

Product Description


TSM-ISO: Signal Isolation Transformer


Eliminates ground loops and DC paths, reducing hum and noise sometimes caused by connecting different pieces of audio equipment in a system. The 1:1 transformer winding ratio (600 ohm primary, 600 ohm secondary) provides negligible insertion loss between input and output.



  • Blocks ground loops and DC paths
  • No physical connection between input and output
  • Passes only audio signals
  • Handles signal levels up to 200mW
  • Small chassis for convenient mounting
  • Direct replacement for standard 36 in. RCA cable
  • Chassis: 1.625 in. x 4.25 in. x 1.00 in.


  • The signal isolation transformer shall be Lowell Model No. TSM-ISO. It shall be capable of eliminating ground loops and DC paths between separate pieces of audio equipment. Connections to the transformer shall be made via male RCA connectors and shall be approximately 36 inches long. The thermoplastic housing shall have holes for mounting to any convenient surface.