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Lowell WB8-8A50-T870

Lowell WB8-8A50-T870

Lowell WB8-8A50-T870
Item# WB8-8A50-T870

Product Description


Speaker-Grille Assembly #WB8-8A50-T870


UL listed 8-inch speaker assembly includes an 8 inch 50W coaxial driver, transformer and grille. The driver is engineered as a step up in sound quality and performance over standard commercial coaxial drivers, with improved power handling, lower distortion and smoother musical sound. It's ideal for upscale restaurants, lounges, hotel lobbies, department stores and similar venues.



  • General signaling


  • Driver (8A50):  8 in. 50W coaxial driver has a capacity to deliver a wide angle of sound distribution (90 degrees) over a large area with uniform response and voice clarity to ensure complete coverage with minimum units. Features 20 oz. magnet, 1.4 in. copper voice coil, polypropylene cone with half-roll rubber surround for long cone travel and good edge damping. Post-mounted tweeter is a 1 in. balanced drive dome protected by Ferrofluid and first order high pass filter. Stamped 20-gauge steel frame with black enamel finish and zinc plated backplate.
  • Transformer (TLM-870):  70V with taps at 1, 2, 4, 8W
  • Grille (WB-8): One piece perforated steel screw-mount grille. 12.875 in. diameter. White.


  • Made in U.S.A. with global components
  • When used with the approved backbox (see below), this speaker is UL1480 listed for general signaling and UL2043 rated for use in plenum spaces.


  • The speaker assembly shall be Lowell Model No. WB8-8A50-T870, which shall include an 8 in. driver, 70V 8W transformer mounted to a white ceiling grille. The driver shall be of the coaxial type having high and low frequency transducers. The low frequency section shall have an 8 in. dia. polypropylene cone; high frequency section shall have a tweeter with 1" balanced-drive dome. A built-in electrical crossover network shall be employed to accomplish proper frequency division between the two drivers. Crossover frequency shall be at 4kHz with first order high-pass filter. It shall be capable of producing a uniform audible frequency response over the range of 40Hz–19.4kHz (±6dB) and 40Hz–20kHz (±7.1dB) with dispersion angle of 90 degrees @2000Hz (-6dB). Average sensitivity shall measure 92.0dB (SPL at 1W/1M). Rated power handling shall be 50 watts RMS. The low frequency voice coil shall have a 1.4 in. dia. and operate in a magnetic field derived from a ferrite (ceramic) magnet nominal weight of 3.5 lbs. The high frequency voice coil shall have a 0.57 in. dia. and operate in a magnetic field derived from a ferrite (ceramic) magnet having 2 oz. nominal weight. Voice coil impedance shall be 8 ohms. The frame shall be structurally reinforced stamped 20-gauge steel with overall diameter of 8.08 in. with eight obround holes equally spaced at 45 degrees on 7.7 in. dia. mounting bolt circle. External metal parts shall be finished in black enamel coating or zinc plating to resist rust/corrosion. The transformer shall have primary taps at 8, 4, 2 and 1W and frequency response of 50Hz-15kHz (±1dB). It shall be factory-mounted to top of driver. The driver/transformer shall be screw-mounted to a perforated steel grille with 12.875 in. dia. and white powder epoxy finish. The speaker assembly shall be used with the approved backbox (Lowell Model No. XCP87 ordered separately) to maintain the UL1480 Listing.