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Martin Exterior 400 IP Wide US

Martin Exterior 400 IP Wide US

Item# 90356550

Product Description


The Exterior 400 Image Projector is a powerful tool for integrating textures, patterns and graphics in outdoor lighting designs. At over 7000 lumens, the fixture can be used for bright and dynamic logo projection, as well as precision framing.

Using advanced LED technology, the Exterior 400 Image Projector stands apart for its energy efficiency, compact size and incredible design flexibility.

  • Bright and dynamic outdoor gobo projection
  • Very high efficacy
  • Great artistic freedom with up to 6 customizable gobos and 8 custom colors
  • Bright and energy efficient LED projection (+7000 lumens)
  • Up to six customizable gobos (two included with fixture)
  • Up to eight customizable colors (blue and orange included with fixture)
  • Rugged IP65 housing
  • Narrow, medium and wide beam angle options
  • Pre-programmable effects, such as: continuous image rotation, color scrolling, focus, dimming
Tech Specs
Medium- and wide-angle models Length: 365 mm (14.4 in.) including cable gland Width: 307 mm (12.1 in.) including mounting yoke Height: 421 mm (16.6 in.) including mounting yoke Weight: 14 kg (30.9 lbs.) Narrow-angle models Length: 425 mm (16.8 in.) including cable gland Width: 307 mm (12.1 in.) including mounting yoke Height: 421 mm (16.6 in.) including mounting yoke Weight: 15 kg (33.1 lbs.)
Dynamic Effects
Color wheel: 8 interchangeable dichroic filters + open, full and split colors, continuous rotation, random color Rotating gobo wheel: 6 interchangeable gobos + open, indexing, continuous gobo rotation & scrolling, shake Motorized iris: 0 - 100%, pulse effects Motorized focus: Approx. 2 m to infinity Electronic dimming: 0 - 100% continuous dimming Electronic 'shutter' effect: Strobe, pulse and sinewave intensity modulation effects Pre-programmed effects: Varied macro effects available in stand-alone mode See Included Items for details of gobos and color filters supplied as standard
Control and Programming
Control options: DMX, stand-alone, synchronized (master/slave) RDM (Remote Device Management): Implemented DMX channels: 9 DMX address setting: PC with Martin MUM™ software and DABS1™ Interface Box, RDM Stand-alone trigger options: Internal timer, including 24-hour clock Stand-alone (single fixture and/or synchronized) programming: PC with Martin MUM™ software and DABS1™ hardware interface Stand-alone program capacity: Up to 100 scenes DMX compliance: USITT DMX512-A RDM compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20 Receiver: RS-485 Firmware update: Serial upload via DMX link
Light source: 7 x Luminus CBT-90 (50 W) LEDs White LED: 6500 K Minimum LED lifetime: 60 000 hours (to >70% luminous output)* *Figure obtained under manufacturer's test conditions
Color: Clear anodized, white, custom colors to special order Housing: Anodized aluminum Mounting bracket: 8 mm (0.32 in.) anodized aluminum Front glass: 6 mm (0.24 in.) anti-reflection coated Protection rating: IP65
Outside diameter: 27.9 mm +0/- 0.3 mm (1.1 in +0/-0.012 in.) Maximum image diameter: 23 mm (0.91 in.) Maximum thickness: 1.8 mm (0.07 in.) Recommended glass: High-temperature Borofloat or better with dichroic or enhanced aluminum coating Recommended metal: Aluminum (steel for temporary use only)
Orientation: Any Mounting: Flat surface at any angle, pedestal or other suitable support Vertical aiming: 330° Minimum distance to illuminated surfaces: 0.5 m (1.7 ft.)
Power connection: 1.8 m (5.9 ft.) cable tail Power cable entry: IP68 cable gland Data connection: 1.8 m (5.9 ft.) combined input + output cable tail Data cable entry: IP68 cable gland
AC power: 100-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz Typical power consumption, all effects static, zero light output: 13 W Power supply unit: Integrated, auto-sensing multi-voltage
Typical Power and Current
100 V, 50 Hz: 422 W, 4.2 A, PF 0.995 100 V, 60 Hz: 418 W, 4.2 A, PF 0.995 110 V, 60 Hz: 417 W, 3.8 A, PF 0.994 120 V, 60 Hz: 415 W, 3.5 A, PF 0.992 208 V, 60 Hz: 409 W, 2.1 A, PF 0.957 230 V, 50 Hz: 409 W, 1.9 A, PF 0.960 240 V, 50 Hz: 408 W, 1.8 A, PF 0.954 Measurements made at nominal voltage with all LEDs at full intensity. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.
Cooling: Convection Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 45° C (113° F) Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): -30° C (-22° F) * Maximum surface temperature, steady state, at 40° C ambient: 75° C (167° F) Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/- 10%): 1440 BTU/hr. *AC mains power must remain applied if the ambient temperature falls below 0° C
EU safety: EN 60598-2-5 (EN 60598-1), IEC/EN 60825-1 EU EMC: EN 55015, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 61547 US safety (US model): UL 1573, UL 1598 US EMC (US model): FCC Part 15 Class A Canadian safety (US model): CSA C22.2 No. 166, CSA C22.2 No. 250.0
CE ETL C US Intertek
Included Items
Adjustable mounting yoke Washers for use with mounting fasteners Hard-wired 1.8 m (5.9 ft.) power and data in/out cable tails without connectors Color filter, Blue B04-6: P/N 62327198 Color filter, Orange B09-6: P/N 62327201 6 x gobo holders Gobo, Tight Stripple, glass: P/N 43072011 Gobo, Dot Breakup Small, glass: P/N 43072009 User manual Optical components are supplied installed
Safety eyebolt: P/N 91611239 3-pin male XLR connector, cable-type, IP65: P/N 91611306 3-pin female XLR connector, cable-type, IP65: P/N 91611307 Extended mounting bracket: P/N 91611570 A wide range of filters and gobos for this product is available from Martin™
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Exterior 400 IP™ Narrow, EU: P/N 90356500 Exterior 400 IP™ Narrow, US: P/N 90356510 Exterior 400 IP™ Medium, EU: P/N 90507050 Exterior 400 IP™ Medium, US: P/N 90507060 Exterior 400 IP™ Wide, EU: P/N 90356540 Exterior 400 IP™ Wide, US: P/N 90356550