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NuVoice UG-3

NuVoice UG-3

NuVoice UG-3
Item# UG-3

Product Description


Musicians want freedom when playing their instrument - freedom to express themselves, and freedom to move. But when it comes to miking instruments, it usually means being tethered down by audio cables.

With the U-Series Wireless Instrument System, you don?t have to sacrifice your freedom anymore.

The wireless transmitter easily attaches to your instrument and can run up to 12 hours on a single AAA battery. The sturdy base receiver can run on AC power or batteries for unlimited placement options. The diversity receiver design protects against signal drop-outs for total reliability. Since there are 16 user-selectable operating frequencies, up to four systems can be used simultaneously.

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  • Diversity receiver design eliminates dropouts caused by multipathing and interference
  • 16 operating channels allow for multiple sets to be used simultaneously
  • Operating range of up to 150 feet
  • Adjustable squelch control to minimize outside interference
  • TS 1/4" audio output
  • LEDs display power, battery, and antenna link status
  • Receiver can operate on 2 AA batteries or included DC power adapter
  • Receiver can be paired with one of five transmitters: UG-3, UG-9, UF-3, US-3, UV-3
  • Rear Panel Connections:
    Power adapter input
    1/4" output