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Product Description

Perfect for all types of dj styles and techniques, especially techno music mixes. Delivers a high output with clean crisp highs and a deep, pounding bass line.

The new technical features are based on an improvement of the Ortofon Night Club S, now even more robust - for working with 4 gram recommended tracking force - combined with increased tracking ability and with the output raised to more than 7mV. At the same time Ortofon has succeeded in retaining the well accepted sonic image from the Night Club S.

Tracking ability is decisive for the DJ's especially when doing scratching and back-cuing. In this situation raise of tracking force could be an immediate, but in many cases not very effective solution. The reason is that the antiskating adjustment, if not a a very moderate level, will double the skating effect when back-cuing. So as a rule, never use more that half of normal antiskating related to the tracking force.

To make this cartridge even more resistant against violent handling, such as a drop on the record or touch of fingers etc., Ortofon has made the rubber suspension of the cantilever even more ridgid against axial pull.

First rate field test have already been carried through by French DJ's and proved acknowledgement of the new qualities - besides the very important ability to stay in the groove.

Technical Specifications: Tone arm mountable White concorde headshell Spherical stylus 3-5g optimum tracking weight recommended tracking force 4g Tracking angle 20 degrees 8mv output voltage 20-22,000Hz frequency response

Includes spare stylus + case