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Sennheiser SKM 2020-D-US

Sennheiser SKM 2020-D-US

Sennheiser SKM 2020-D-US
Item# SKM-2020-D-US

Product Description


SKM 2020-D-US

The SKM 2020-D hand-held microphone efficiently attenuates unwanted background noise. The transmitter is easy and comfortable to operate and highly robust.


The sturdy, reliable SKM 2020-D-US handheld transmitter may be the easiest way to address your audience. Should a participant have a question, simply hand the microphone to them and all participants will hear clearly! The easy-to-operate, rugged microphone effectively reduces unwanted background noise to ensure clear, reliable communication to all listeners. A convenient back lit display allows the user to view the active channel, as well as battery status. The included BA 2015 G2 rechargeable battery offers up to 8 hours of use and charges in about 3.5 hours with the EZL 2020-20L charger.

The Tour guide 2020 series is the first digital RF wireless tour guide system in the ISM band, offering excellent audio quality and extremely reliable, interference-free communication. Designed for easy set-up and operation, this system offers a high degree of flexibility with six available audio channels, making it an ideal choice for almost any guided tour application! Other system components include a small SK 2020-D bodypack transmitter, with your choice of microphone (ordered separately), lightweight HDE 2020-D stethoset receivers, and a portable EZL 2020-20L convenient carrying case with charger.


  • Digital RF signal transmission

  • Licence free Frequency range (EU, US)

  • Roughed stage-proven housing

  • Ideal in noisy environments

  • Intuitive operating concept

  • Backlit display

What's in the box?

  • SKM 2020-D

Technical Data

  • RF frequency range
    926 - 928 MHz
  • Frequency response
    100 - 7,000 Hz
  • Weight
    420 g
    • Range
      50m / 100m Indoor / Outdoor
    • Operating temperature
      0 - 50 C
    • Signal-to-noise ratio
      > 65 dB(A)
    • RF output power
      10 mW
    • Number of channels
    • Operating time
      8 h
    • Modulation
    • Power supply
      BA 2015 (2,4 V); 2 AA (1,5 V)