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VocoPro UHR-9/10 (Avail Freq 9a,9b,9c,9d,9e,9f,9g,9h)

VocoPro UHR-9/10 (Avail Freq 9a,9b,9c,9d,9e,9f,9g,9h)

VocoPro UHR-9/10 (Avail Freq 9a,9b,9c,9d,9e,9f,9g,9h)
Item# UHR-9/10(Avail Freq 9a,9b,9c,9d,9e,9f,9g,9h)

Product Description

The UHR rechargeable mics and chargers can be used to replace existing non-rechargeable microphones from the UHF-5800, UHF-8800 and PA-MAN systems.

Frequency Sets
UHR-3 M, N, O, P, PII
UHR-4 Q, R, S, T

Please note: Not a standalone system; must be used in combination with a compatible unit.

  • Frequency Sets:
    UHR-3: M, N, O, P, PII
    UHR-4: Q, R, S, T
  • Comes with 4 rechargeable microphones and 2 chargers with power adapters.
  • Complies with New FCC Frequency Rules
  • Utilizes 3.7V 800 mAh Li-Ion batteries
  • Shipping Dimensions: 14.5" (L) x 14" (W) x 5.5" (H)
  • Shipping Weight: 6.8 lbs.
UHF Guide
M:CH. 45 FQ: 656.825 YELLOW
N:CH. 49 FQ: 685.960 PINK
O:CH. 51 FQ: 694.110 WHITE
P:CH. 40 FQ: 629.400 PURPLE
PII:CH. 40 FQ: 630.400 PURPLE
Q:CH. 48 FQ: 676.740 DK GRN
R:CH. 38 FQ: 614.150 BROWN
S:CH. 38 FQ: 619.120 LITE BLUE
T:CH. 39 FQ: 622.665 SILVER